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What Are Future Outsourcing Trends For 2022?

Back in the 1980s when labor costs were inching high day by day, businesses started outsourcing some processes to third-party vendors at cheaper prices. This tactic worked really well for them and became a common practice during the 1990s.

In today’s technology-driven and hyperconnected world, it has become quite common among many large organizations, as well as startups. They use outsourcing as per their requirements to reap the maximum benefits out of it.

PEAK Outsourcing does back office support like general admin tasks, customer handling, healthcare outsourcing, and digital resource development. You can choose it or any other third party to handle your business operations in a seamless manner. But before that, have a look at these future outsourcing trends for 2022 to learn more about how this market is going to grow in the coming months.

Introduction of New Technologies:

Ever since it became popular back in the 1980s, the primary goal of outsourcing has been to provide cost-effective solutions to businesses across the globe. With new emerging technologies like social media, cloud computing, machine learning, AI, and robotic process automation, this industry is expected to grow at a much faster rate.

Switch From IVR To Social Media

Outsourcing was a different game altogether in the past. Vendors used IVR (interactive voice response) for attending customers’ calls and transferring them to the right representative. Now with almost 79% of the US population using at least one social media platform, the IVR is losing its place to social media tools. Going forward, this trend is likely to become a common business tactic globally.

Combating Skill Shortage:

Twenty years ago, the most common skill that was needed to provide outsource services was language mastery. Vendors who had people with multi-lingual skills to take customer calls thrived while others disappeared from the market. Now, organizations have started outsourcing many other managerial tasks, such as accountancy, data analytics, healthcare solutions, digital solutions, etc. that require unique skills. Most outsourcing powerhouse nations are facing skill shortages to handle these duties.

Going forward, new tools and technologies will manage and automate most of these tasks to help vendors combat skill shortage issues.

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